We are the architects of our own future

Not everybody in this world is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. All of us have our own share of problems to deal with as we move on. Nobody has had a perfect life so far and nobody ever will. The path to success does not run straight. It zigzags through the moments of pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, and peace and tragedy. As a result, it’s not uncommon for us to fall down when we stumble upon some unforeseen obstacles on the way. Yet it is not the end of everything. Every time we fall down and get up, we get up with new experiences and wisdom that make us a stronger person. Our success really depends on how well we can pick ourselves up whenever we break down and clear the obstacles that have caused us to trip over so that we don’t stumble upon them again in the future if we have to walk the same path.

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The power of a positive mind

When obstacles appear on our way, we feel we are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Our mind shuts down and our dreams and aspirations go blank. It is at this point of time that we should reflect on our inner strengths and make sure that what we cannot do does not interfere with what we can do. Whenever we find ourselves caught in the midst of problems, we should never forget the fact that we are given this life just because we are strong enough to live it. The real beauty of life lies in how positively we take it. Life is never a bed of roses. We all have our own share of problems to deal with. But in the middle of difficulties lie opportunities. We must never get discouraged by a few failures in life. The real success lies in being able to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. People say that today’s failure helps us develop strengths needed for a better tomorrow. So if we know how to live with a positive mind, we have no reason why we should be discouraged by our failures from pushing our way forward. It is said that indeed the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. We in fact have all the resources within us that can help us cut our way through all kinds of problems and difficult situations. But we often fail to recognize those strengths within us and miss the opportunity to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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The secrets of success in business

Starting and managing a business is not as easy as what we generally think. It requires adequate knowledge and experience on business management to be a successful business person, no matter how small your business may be. If you look at other countries, you would find people taking up numerous business management studies and training before starting a business of their own. Just selling away what the customers come for, or just having enough financial resources alone does not make you a business tycoon. It also requires a lot of commitment, hard-work and patience to be able to take your business to greater heights. But in Bhutan, I have observed that most of the people get into business without any such preparation. Hence, they lack the knowledge and experience to run a business in a systematic manner. People do not know the core ethics that should guide the business such as customer service, social and communication skills and so on. As a result, they end up driving away their customers instead of serving them with all their heart and paving the way for future visits. Speaking from the experience of an ordinary customer, I believe that if you adopt the right strategies, there will be certainly no shortage of customers, regardless of the location of your business. The following few tips might help you succeed in business.

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Everything happens for a good reason

Once upon a time in a remote village, there lived a young man. He grew vegetables and fruits for his livelihood. One day while wandering across his vegetable garden, he noticed that some of his pumpkins were lying on the ground as the vine holding them could no longer bear them up. He put some extra support to the vine in order to lift the pumpkins up from the ground. After surveying his vegetable garden, he stopped under one of his coconut trees to repose for a while.
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Who is really lucky?

Photo of Bhutanese 8 lucky signs. Image source: google.

I don’t own a car because my wife can’t drive. She can see but she has no passion for driving. A few years back, she forced herself to learn how to drive out of necessity, but she lost all the little confidence she had developed, after she accidentally hit another car. I have a lot of passion for driving, but I have no sight. What a tragic mismatch! When I was able to see the world as a child, I still remember that my ambition was to become a truck driver but it could never materialize. So whenever I walk to and from my office or roam in the town, I often meet my friends driving nice family cars. Looking at such a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle they live, I feel they are luckier than me because they seem to have everything that can make them live their lives to the fullest. But they often tell me that I am luckier than them because since I don’t have a car, I don’t have to worry about the extra expenses incurred on the maintenance of the car and the fuel. In a way, I feel they are also right but the maintenance and fuel cost is definitely not the reason why I am not able to own a car.
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Optimism and determination, the magical ropes that can pull a person to success

Photo of me working on a computer

I strongly believe that opportunities do not come to those who wait for them and I feel it is this principle that has guided me forward till date. I seized most of the opportunities that came my way and gathered courage to swim across the ocean of life all alone deriving new energy and strength from the hurdles I often tumbled upon.
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