April Fools’ Day

Today is the day set aside to have fun with friends and neighbors with practical jokes and harmless pranks. April 1 is celebrated as April Fools’ Day around the world and although it is not a public holiday in any country, it is celebrated by playing pranks or spreading hoaxes. The free ticket to the Tower of London on April 1, 1698 to watch the lions getting washed was one of such hoaxes. On this day, the practical joke or the prank is usually revealed by shouting “April Fool!” and the victim becomes the April Fool. It is believed that the April Fools’ Day is celebrated only until mid-day and those who play pranks after that become the April Fools themselves. Although the origin of this tradition is not clear, it is believed to have emerged from the Middle Ages during which some European countries used to celebrate their New Year on this day. Those who celebrated New Year on January 1 found them foolish and called them April Fools.

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