The painful realities of life in Thimphu

Panoramic view of Thimphu City. Image source:

As the Capital City of Bhutan, Thimphu has been undergoing a major transformation over the years with numerous developmental activities coming up in all corners. With various modern facilities and infrastructures in place, the city has been considered a safe haven for thousands of Bhutanese people who come here for education, employment and business. However, with the rising cases of senseless murder, burglary and robbery over the recent years, I think Thimphu is now losing the glory of its past. There are many people who no longer feel safe here today.

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The dumbest criminals I have ever heard of

We the Bhutanese people generally believe in our Karmic actions. We have been taught right from early childhood that what goes around usually comes around. That’s why we have been taught never to harm or hurt anybody, because the consequence of our action is believed to fall back on ourselves someday. I think this could be the main reason why the criminals are usually caught easily. We have a popular saying “Le gi ra mi tub” meaning “nobody can escape his/her fate”. Probably because of this principle, Bhutan has seen some of the dumbest criminals over the years as demonstrated in the stories below.

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Which one is more harmful, tobacco or alcohol?

In 2010, the DPT government introduced the most controversial Tobacco Control Act which banned the sale and consumption of tobacco products in the country. The intention was good because it was initiated to promote public health but the greatest mistake was that no enough public education was provided about the act before it was brought to force. As a result, so many innocent individuals were arrested and put behind bars without bail for possessing just a few packets of tobacco products for personal consumption. This raised a question amongst people if consuming tobacco was really a crime punishable by law and that too without bail. Everybody viewed it to be too harsh but it was too late and there wasn’t anything that could be done to convince the government to undo its decision.
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