Cracking the code-language that still baffles people

When I was studying in Khaling, we had developed a unique code-language that enabled us to communicate privately amongst us. Being visually impaired, it was of great advantage for us because we could safely talk about anything without the fear of being intercepted by teachers and other staff of the school. We always felt safe to converse in our code-language because nobody outside our circle of friends could comprehend it.

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How would someone without sight communicate with someone with hearing disability?

As a blind, I think nothing is more difficult than having to communicate with a deaf person. Whenever we the disabled people from different parts of the country come together on special events such as the celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities and other disability-related programs, we the visually impaired persons and the hearing impaired persons reach a real deadlock not being able to communicate and interact with each other. On one hand, the hearing impaired persons can’t hear what we say and on the other hand, we can’t see the sign language they use. What makes the matter worse is that we the visually impaired persons do not have the concept of sign language and hence, we can’t even gesture what we are saying to them. To someone who can see and hear, the situation may look so funnyand unique but this is a reality.

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The invisible killer lurking in the air

Due to the intensive development of wireless communication technologies in the world today, our atmosphere is being loaded with thousands of low intensity microwaves which travel through us at various frequencies every second. If visible, you would see that the air, be it at home or anywhere else, hosts a huge traffic of such electromagnetic radiation and we are just caught in between those waves. The sad thing is that there’s no physical boundary for these waves and we can’t see what do they do to our nervous system when they pass through our brain.
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Some common grammatical confusions in English language (part 1)

English was one of my most favourite subjects right from my early school days and I give the credit to all my English language teachers who guided me well throughout my academic life. My teachers used to say that a good reader becomes a good writer, but I hardly used to read any book other than the prescribed textbooks. The only books I read included a few old story books available in braille at the school library In Muenselling Institute in Khaling and a few chapters from the World Book Encyclopedia. Even today, I mostly read only online articles, stories and news. But whatever I read, I read with extra focus on the grammatical structures of the sentences in addition to the messages they carry. When I was studying BA English at PSG College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to learn from highly qualified lecturers some of whom were renowned grammarians. I have learned a lot from them and realized that there are many grammatical mistakes we make frequently, consciously or unconsciously. So today, I would like to hsare some of the most commonly made grammatical errors in English language so that you might be able to enhance your English language proficiency. I am not an expert but this is what I have learned from my English lecturers.
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As funny as this: the outcome of poor communication!

Photo of 5-year-old birthday candle burning. Image source:

9th December 2014 was the 5th birth anniversary of my youngest son Rigden Subba. As usual, we decided to treat our children with cake and sweets, and of course, some simple gifts, just to make them enjoy the day among themselves. Actually I had wanted to make it a grand celebration and invite close relatives and friends, but my wife rejected my proposal on the ground that there was nobody at home to help her with cooking and making other logistic arrangements. So, we only invited her brother and his wife for a simple dinner at my place. To mark the day, I had asked my wife to order a birthday cake that morning.
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