Remembering the friends of persons with disabilities on the special Friendship Week

Photo of a young man walking with his visually impaired friend on a forest path using the sighted guide techniques. Image courtesy: Google

With every single help you offer us
Comes a blessing that brings a smile on our face;
Thank you for being part of our lives
And helping us understand how beautiful is the world around us.

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True Love: a short poem

The fragrance of a flower lies in its petals, not in its brilliance
The true love of a person lies in the heart, not in the caste or appearance;
People say a stone can also show love if you hold it with trust and right opinion
But even nectar can be poisonous if you take it with suspicion.
I neither have wings to fly like a bird in the sky
Nor do I have the fins like a fish in the ocean to swim by,
But I always have a sacred room in my heart
Where you can forever live like a princess as in the art.
You just give me your heart where I forever can be,
And I shall fight all the obstacles that get between you and me;
I shall never let the external force disturb and destroy
This beautiful journey of our love and joy
For, I have loved you with the heart of a true friend
And decided to walk with you the rest of my life hand-in-hand.
No matter what tragedies befall us on the way,
May our hearts never break away!
May our hearts never break away!

The work of my 18-year-old brain

A couple of weeks ago, I was very happy to know that my brother-in-law still had the old magazine of National Institute for the Disabled (NID) in Khaling where I studied from 1990-2001. The magazine was published in 1999 to mark the Silver Jubilee of the Institute which started as Zangley Muenseling School for the Blind in 1973. I was studying in grade X when this magazine was published and as a senior student, I got the opportunity to contribute three articles for the magazine. Now after 17 years, I get a mixed feeling while going through my own articles. I feel as though I have wound back my time by 17 years because I feel I am re-living those days in Khaling. So, I would like to share those three poems which I had written 17 years ago as a tribute to my king, country and the institute. I am afraid the language is not as good as it appeared then. But I guess they would be worth your time.

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A Vended Poor Lass

Beauty has her way to the city misled
Where to lave in her own tears is she made;
And although equally placed among mankind is she,
So unfairly is she denied the rights of humanity.
Every human soul indeed knows pretty well
That never was she born as a plaything for public sale,
And yet I know not why is she still dragged into such a place
Where like a caged beast is she entrapped in disgrace.
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A Glimpse of Drukyul

National flag of Bhutan. Image source: google.

On the lap of great Himalayas lies
Heavenly Drukyul with a magical charm in her eyes,
And on her shimmering face I can clearly see
A rich history interwoven with immense glee.
Let me now back into her past dive
And find out what has kept her so far alive!
O with great pride here she says
How could she survive throughout those crucial days: —
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While You Live, Live with joy

If born to die in the world are we,
Why, then like a free eagle let us all be! –
Soaring above the hills and dales so high,
Let us the pinnacle of life reach without a sigh.
As every living soul fromn this world has to vanish after all,
Let us imbibe this life to the lees before we fall;
Let our hearts and livers with gusto bleed,
And bubble with pleasures without any sweep of greed.
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