The living devil

Many many years ago, there in a remote village lived a boy named Dorji. After having lost his father and all other siblings as a child, his mother was the only source of inspiration for him. Since only two of them were in the house, the weight of the entire domestic chores fell equally upon their shoulders. So everyday, Dorji usually spent his time either helping his mother in the fields or in herding the yaks they had owned. The days passed on smoothly and peacefully for them and God never forgot to bless them. Whatever kind of famine struck the village, they did not go hungry on any day.

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The most intelligent boy: a short story for fun

Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Tashi in a small kingdom. He was born with extraordinarily high IQ and there wasn’t any puzzle or trick which he could not solve. As he grew up, he gradually began to gain popularity in the country and every day hundreds of people thronged before his house to test his innate intelligence. Every time he was given a puzzle, he left the audience dumb with amazement. He was about 17 and was living with his Father after the sudden demise of his Mother when he was 10. As more and more people came to know about his miraculous abilities, his name and fame spread like wild fire countrywide.

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