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A crazy scientist inside me

I know I have been a great day-dreamer right from my early childhood days. Whenever I am alone and awake especially at night, it does not take much time for me to drift into the world of imagination and fantasies. This is what often keeps me awake throughout the night whenever I wake up during odd hours. My thoughts run like crazy and it often takes hours for me to bring them back to myself. Sometimes, I feel my mind is like a crazy scientist’s laboratory because my imagination plays mostly with strange scientific inventions and discoveries. People say it’s good to dream because our future lies in it, and if it’s true, then I think I should be one of the greatest scientists on the planet by now, hahaha, because in my imagination, I have conceptualized the invention of a couple of things which I think science has not yet considered. I am not sure whether they can be practically tested but since I am more fascinated about automobiles, following are some of the craziest ideas about automobile engineering that have crossed my mind so far:

1. The electro-magnetic car

Have you ever been frustrated to have the tire of your car punctured by nails or sharp metals on the road? Well, this type of car can save your tires from such sharp metallic objects on the road. I have imagined that an electro-magnetic plate just below the front-bumper and rear-bumper would be able to pick all the metallic objects on the way before they get beneath the tires. Since it’s not right in the front or at the back, it won’t attract with other cars and even if it does, the driver will have the option to switch off the magnetic power when they see another car because this magnet is powered by the battery. I have come to realize the need for such a feature in a car after hearing so many incidents of car-tires being punctured by nails and metallic objects on the road. This type of car can not only save your tires from getting punctured, but it would also help you collect metals and nails which can be sold at the scrap shops. Haha.

2. Radio communication technology in the vehicles

As of now, I know only aero planes and ships have the radio communication technology that enables them to communicate with the ground as well as other aircrafts and ships. But I have realized that this kind of technology would also be equally useful in motor-vehicles. I just feel that a small screen on the dashboard should display the license plate numbers of cars within certain distances and in times of emergency, the drivers can directly communicate with one another based on the identified license plate numbers. For instance, if you want to overtake a heavy truck which does not give you way, honking at the driver will only contribute to noise pollution because the truck driver may not know that you are asking him to give you way. So, if you have the radio communication technology, you can easily choose the license plate number of the truck you want to overtake and radio to the driver requesting him to let you overtake. This would save you a lot of time. Moreover, if you see a car ahead of you about to veer off the road or if one of its tires is flat, you could easily alert the driver through the radio. This reminds me of an incident in Trashigang some years ago. The driver of a truck saw one of the rear tires of another truck ahead of him slipping off the road while giving way to the oncoming vehicle but no matter how much he honked at him to stop the truck, he could not save it. Eventually the truck slipped off the road and rolled down to the river-bank killing the driver. I feel radio communication could have saved this tragedy. This kind of technology would also help drivers know if any vehicle is approaching closer especially while driving through foggy areas or at night. Even in times of accidents, one can use this technology to inform the concerned authorities so that the rescue operation can be launched on time.

3. Rear-gear cameras for heavy vehicles

We often hear about children and even adults being run over especially by trucks while reversing. If we could have cameras installed at the back of the vehicle particularly trucks and buses, the drivers would be able to have a clear view of what is behind him without having to physically twist his head backward on one side of the vehicle. It just crossed my mind that if there are three cameras installed at the back of the vehicle: one in the middle and two on the sides, the live footage can be visible to the drivers on his dashboard screen the moment they engage the rear-gear. I know looking at the rearview mirrors is not always comfortable for all drivers.

4. Automatic tires blocker

A couple of years ago, a passenger bus coming from Wangdue Phodrang towards Thimphu rolled back while negotiating the uphill climb near Lamperi Park and veered off the road after the handi-boy could not find a stone on time to block the tire and stop the bus. This particular incident calls for the auto-blockers especially in heavy vehicles that can obstruct the tires during such emergencies. I am just imagining that whenever the vehicle loses control and either rolls backward or forward, the driver can just engage a gear that can drop a t-shaped strongly built iron-bar either in front of the front-tires (if the vehicle rolls forward) or behind the rear-tires (if the vehicle rolls backward) so that the vehicle can be stopped instantly. This kind of facility would not require the drivers and their handi-boys to carry or look for stones whenever they face such emergencies. Moreover, such auto blockers can also be helpful while driving through slippery or steep roads because they can be engaged to stop the vehicle from slipping backward and inch by inch, you can move forward.

5. Vehicle with auto-sensors

It’s important that a driver always remains fully alert and conscious throughout the entire journey he makes because dangers are everywhere. Bhutanese roads are narrow and if the driver shifts his eyes off the road even for a second, the vehicle can cross the edge of the road. Moreover, some vehicles often come from the wrong side or some animals and drunken people lay on the roads especially during the nights. So, I feel the auto-sensors installed around the vehicle’s body can alert the drivers to the danger ahead of him or on either side of the road. For instance, if the vehicle is approaching a steep cliff and if the driver is half-sleep, the alarm sound activated by the sensors can wake up the driver to his full consciousness. The same thing can happen if any oncoming car is approaching on the same lane or if any object is lying on the road some meters away. The driver will have the option to switch off the sensors if he wants to especially while driving through a busy town. How does that sound?

For now, I think I should stop boring you with my crazy technological ideas here. Hahaha! I will share more in the upcoming posts. I have imagined many other sophisticated technological developments. Although they may not be feasible in the real world, at least I feel it’s good to dream. Sometimes I feel if I had the luxury of resources to experiment with some of my imaginary concepts. ☺


3 thoughts on “A crazy scientist inside me

  1. Interesting post here. You are far more imaginative person than me; you know what I have very poor know-how about automobiles and technologies. Hopefully, one day in the future, you would create one of these above (or all). Good luck, Sir!

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  2. I love to day dream too and it has given me very good results as the dreams became a reality. Sometimes our strong mind power could connect with the wisdom frequencies of the universe.
    What you have just shared is brilliant ideas to me. I think I would buy a car fitted with magnets that pick up nails along the streets. I would be able to sell all the metals to the scrap yards for good money.
    As for the rear view screens, many cars around the world and my country have built in rear camera that shows the back view on the small TV screen on the dashboard.

    As for the sensors to detect moving motions in the dark, it is possible and good idea. Many luxury cars have sensors on their side mirrors that could auto adjust so that drivers could reverse well away from drains, slopes and pavements.

    Keep dreaming friend and share more ideas! Happy Weekend dude!


    • O hi my dear friend, thanks for checking out my blog and sparing sometime to leave your comments. Well, I am pleasantly surprised to know that some of my dreams have already been fulfilled out there. I didn’t know that. I think others may as well come true soon then. hahaha.


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