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Mobile version of social networking sites

I am sure you all would have been accessing various websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube from your mobile phones but have you noticed that the mobile versions of these websites can also be accessed from the computer? Since the mobile versions of dynamic websites are easy to access and can load fast, most of the visually impaired people around the world use the mobile versions of websites especially the social networking sites. One good reason why the visually impaired are more accustomed to using the mobile version of websites is because they contain less features and are more accessible for the users to navigate around. It makes the sites more accessible with JAWS, a screen-reading software used by blind users in the world. So, if you don’t have a smart phone and if you have slow internet connection, the following mobile versions of the social networking sites are recommended:

So next time whenever you see me online on a mobile device, please note that I may not be on a mobile device. Rather, I could be on a computer or a laptop but using the mobile version of the website. LoL! I am sharing this only for information. A couple of years ago, a visually impaired man from Norway was telling me that when they conducted a survey to find out how many people were aware of the existence of the website: m.facebook.com, it was found out that nobody other than the visually impaired users had heard about it in Norway. So, this could be a new knowledge in Bhutan too. What do you say? Of course, there are limitations to the mobile versions of social networking sites because we can’t chat directly with friends other than sending direct messages but we have alternative chat programs for this purpose. So, whatever new technology comes up, I am glad that there is always an alternative solution for persons with disabilities like me…. Although the mobile versions of websites are not developed for visually impaired users, it has come as a blessing in disguise. Today, I never feel I am left out, at least in the social world.


Since this blog is meant for your reading pleasure, I welcome your comments/suggestions. For an ordinary blogger like me, there is nothing more satisfying than receiving hits and comments from followers like you. You are my source of inspiration and encouragement. So, thank you very much. I hope you have enjoyed the article.

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