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A tribute to His Majesty the fourth King of Bhutan

Photo of HM King Jigme Singye Wangchuck

Reposing in the cool shadow of His sacred wings,
This tiny Holy Land has a lot to say
How was she blest in every corner with magical strings
To play for the world a great melody of glory today.

As soon as did He to the golden throne ascend,
The bitter taste of time from every face began to disappear
As He Himself did from the throne bend
Down to add to the motion of this nation an extra gear.

There was indeed a time when the people of this Land
Were groping their way in the dark
But with the ablest hero to guide us hand in hand,
Every pair of eyes now glows with a great magical spark.

As new developments in every corner began to flower,
The fragrance of the blossoms began to bless
Every Bhutanese heart with a continuous shower
Of perfect peace, wisdom and grace.

Even when the alien foes did once infest
The fringes of this peaceful home,
He like a ferocious lion foght to His best
And safeguarded our future in the midst of such a storm.

As we now into the twenty-first century sail
With flag held as high as the sky above,
The joyful cries of victory echo over every dale
Embedding in this kingdom a seed of eternal peace and love.

Thus has this nation been to a new limelight drawn
From the impenetratable shade of darker days
And forever shall we remain thankful for the prize won
All at the cost of His godly wisdom and grace.

So beyond human mind can ever think
Or beyond words can ever express,
We do owe Him beyond our heart’s brink
For making this part of the world free from fear and distress.

Now in the historical pages of this heavenly state,
His footprints shall indeed forever remain
And never shall we forget the charm of His great
Blessings that still flows in our nerves and brain.

May the Heavens above continue to shower
Blossoms of peace and harmony upon this Holy Land,
And may the Gods continue to provide us a bower
Under whose lovely shade we can joyfully stand.


word Meaning
Sacred wings Golden reign
Tiny holy land Bhutan
Extra gear Acceleration of modern developments
Alien foes The Indian militents from Assam who posed threat to our nation in late 1990s and early 2000s
Fringes Border areas of Bhutan
Peaceful home Peaceful Bhutan
Storm National security issues and confusions
Dale Valley

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