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The bravest woman

Photo of my wife with our youngest son Rigden

In a society which does not yet fully accept persons with disability among its so-called respectable members, she has walked an extra mile to show to the world around her that disability is certainly not the ultimate end of hope. She has shocked her parents, siblings, relatives and friends by consciously choosing to walk a path, not so frequently taken by people in the world, despite the knowledge that she would have to overcome some of the unforeseen challenges on the way.

Marriage is the biggest decision in life. All our successes and failures, happiness and sadness, or prosperity and disharmony all depend on whom we choose to share our life with. I know it requires a lot of sacrifices, compromises and understanding. If you fail to create enough space for your partner to fit comfortably in your life, life will become miserable for both you and your partner and you won’t be able to continue your life together. Then who will be the ultimate losers? Your innocent children who are often compelled to live with a single parent or relatives as a result of dysfunctional marriages. That’s why, people say marriage is a sacred affair. One needs to have extraordinary courage, commitment and confidence to dedicate your life to somebody whose mind you can never read until it’s too late. Because of this, all parents are always conscious about what kind of persons their sons or daughters are messing up with. It’s the dream of every parent to see their daughters and sons with the best partner in their life, who is disciplined, smart, abled and of course, who has a decent job or wealth. In such a society that expects its members to always opt for the best, the decision to marry somebody with disability is something beyond people can hardly imagine.

I am sure it might have taken a while for my wife to decide, as I know that it’s not an easy decision to make. It was the decision that could significantly impact her life and that of her family. She can see, she can walk and she is independent, but I am blind and need assistance more than those who have eyesight. She could have easily married a better guy but ultimately she chose to accept me into her life, although she wasn’t sure about the future we were heading to. I was still a student at the university and my future still remained vague. Yet, she was confident that there will always be light at the end of a tunnel. We got engaged in 2003 when I was studying 2nd year undergraduate degree and subsequently started living together happily. Although it was a hasty decision, at least for me, she never made me regret it. To me, she is the bravest woman, at least at that moment when she decided to marry me, against the expectations of the society she was brought up in. Her parents had no objection to her decision though.

Today, she is happy that we are well settled with kids and life has been fair to both of us. She has realized that life with me has not been as worse as what she had thought in her childhood. It’s a traditional belief that for a blind person, you need to do everything starting from cooking, washing, cleaning, clothing or eating, all which we can actually do easily ourselves. The only thing we can’t do independently is to walk to new places or go for shopping. It’s obvious that anybody who has been never with a blind would think he or she would have to live a life of a full-time servant if they marry a blind person. So, I should say, my wife is a person who has bravely pushed aside all those common beliefs and dared to leave everything behind to live with me for the rest of her life. Likewise, I have a few visually impaired friends who also have married sighted women, and I equally value them for their bold decisions, no matter for what reason they chose to live with somebody who cannot physically see them.

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20 thoughts on “The bravest woman

  1. Such a nice read, Sir. She sure is the bravest woman. Like you mentioned not all of us have that courage in us. I could feel your sincerity for her in this. The two of you make a perfect match. And sir, you aren’t disabled, you are differently abled.

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  2. So much inspired here, very thought provoking. Feel like settling down right away. I know your wife is a brave person. Congrats for making to this stage of married life.

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  3. Amrith sir, I call this a genuine love. Really an inspiring story and happy to know that life is all going well. My prayers and wishes for continued prosperous life ahead. Thanks.


  4. A wonderful post, sir. Touching and meaningful. She is a brave woman. No doubt about that. Life’s blessing are scarce somewhere while it’s plenty elsewhere. Please don’t say you are disabled. You are just a little different from the rest but you stand out among us. See you can write so well when there are many people with perfect eye-sight who don’t write at all. Your lady gives you inspiration and you narrate it here and turn it into a wonderful read. How beautiful! Don’t you think so?
    Wish you two a wonderful and happy life ahead as you always have had and looking forward to more posts la. keep writing. I appreciate you, I really do! 🙂


    • Hi Mr. Langa,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I deeply value what you have said and I feel really humbled. Once again, thanks for reading my post and leaving such an encouraging comment. Please keep coming back and keep encouraging me…


  5. I reli enjoyed going through it n thanks for da post. It clearly shows dat der still exist som women who uses der heart to mak decision


  6. I came across your blog few months ago and i almost froze reading perfect writings of yours. I have seen you before and i never realized, you had such wonderful talents. I feel so inspired by people of your kind who has knocked off all the challenges life has brought and moved forward, a far more better than people with all senses.
    Very much moved by your perfect marriage life. May you and your family receive all the heavenly happiness all throughout life.
    And Amrit sir, do keep writing and inspiring us.


  7. WOW! Amrith Sir, that’s a really nice facts and feelings. I really enjoyed reading it. You really TOUCH my HEART. I am so PROUD of you. More over I am so happy for you and your wife. Like you said, she is really a ‘ bravest women’. Stay happy always sir. I will meet you soon in

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