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Rest in Peace, the Unknown Soul!

Photo of Wangchu River, Thimphu. Image source: Wikipedia.

I feel there is nothing more sad than to find somebody dead and nobody knows who he is. On Wednesday evening, 9th July 2014, I was watching BBS Television and I was waiting for the 9 o’clock news. Suddenly an announcement came on: “A body of an adult man has been fished out of Wangchu River at Olakha by police on 5th July 2014. The man wearing blue jeans and a black shirt has a prosthetic leg. The body is kept in the mortuary of JDW National Referral Hospital and the relatives are requested to collect the body as soon as possible.” The announcement instantly sent a wave of sadness through my body and made me wonder about this unknown soul.

I will call him Mr. X, because nobody knows who he is and how did he end up his life at the river. Since the police have not found any evidence of foul play, I think it should be a suicide, if not an accident. But if it’s a suicide, how did he reach that decision is something we need to reflect on. Nobody commits suicide for pleasure. I am sure he must have been like anyone of us, full of dreams and aspirations, but the fact that now he is gone forever and the world does not recognize him is very sad. I am sure he must have had friends and family like any ordinary person but today his poor soul must be very sad because his body is all alone, with no friends or relatives to attend him. We say we live in a close-knit society where our family serve as a cushion for us, but a situation like this really makes me wonder about our social, cultural and traditional values. Are we leaving behind some of those values as we transition into the fast changing modern society?

Photo of butterlamps offered in prayer. Image source: google.

Mr. X, I don’t know and will never know what circumstances pushed you to the edge of the world, but I offer you my sincere prayers for your better rebirth. May you rest in peace and may you be blest to born again with a better fortune soon. The world may never know who you are and what did you do when you are alive, but the Almighty will have surely seen everything and He will certainly come to help you. May God bless you, and may God bless your soul!


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