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A moment to remember

Photo of me standing in the office room

I would like to present an amateur video that takes me almost eighteen months back from now, back to Perth, Western Australia. It was in November 2012 when we recorded this piece. Having to live in a foreign land, away from home and family would have been a real challenge , had it not been for the wonderful Bhutanese friends whom I was fortunate to meet in Perth. We all had a wonderful life together and helped each other feel at home. This is one of those good moments we had together in Perth. I am the singer and the guitarist, Mr. Govind Subedi is the drummer on the IPhone and Mr. MB Tamang is the cameraman and co-singer. I know this is one of the memories that will be cherished forever. It was a really great fun meeting and having good moments as this with fellow-countrymen in a foreign land. Here goes our video:

Thank you for watching. I hope you liked it.


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